Advantage And Disadvantage Of GI Pipes

GI Pipes or Galvanized Iron Pipes are basically MS Pipes that have been coated with a layer of Zinc through the chemical process of galvanization. This coating protects the pipe from corrosion. GI Pipes are widely being used in plumbing (both household and industrial) and a lot of other areas.

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of GI Pipes

Advantage And Disadvantage Of GI Pipes

However, using GI Pipes comes with some pros and cons some of which are given below:

  • Anti-Rust: GI Pipes due to their coating of zinc on the outer layer are resistant to rust, however, if a steel pipe is used without any coating then the metal will react with water and moist in air and oxygen and will form rust.
  • Low Cost: GI Pipes are Costlier than MS Pipes, but if we go for long term usage of Pipes then GI Pipes are a better choice as MS Pipes will be needed to be changed after a period of a few years or months in the best scenario but GI Pipes will be able to perform around 40 to 50 years with the same conditions provided to MS Pipes. Thus maintenance cost is reduced to a big extent.
  • Excess Temperature: GI Pipes unlike its competitor PPRC Pipe can work with high-temperature fluids and is also suitable for freezing conditions
  • Bendable: GI Pipes are easily bendable and can also be fabricated easily.
  • WOG: GI pipes are useable for water, Oil, and gas transmission.
  • Internal Corrosion: Zinc coat on the outer side protect the steel Pipe from corrosion, however, if that zinc coat is cleared from even a small part of the pipe, the pipe will start to get corrosion internally and will eventually be full of corrosion
  • No Food Grade Usage: GI Pipes are not food-grade material that is water from the water supply of GI Pipe is not useable for eatable purposes and moreover if the pipe starts getting rust or corrosion the metal will react with the water and will produce toxic materials that will form plaque inside the pipe and will make the supply of the water toxic.
  • High Pressure: GI Pipes are only suitable for the maximum pressure of 10 Bar, Thus are not usable for industrial use where the pipe has to bear high pressure of the fluid of gas.

A few Pros and cons of GI Pipes were given in the above list. If you want to buy GI Pipes from anywhere within Pakistan, we got you covered.

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