Advantage And Disadvantage Of PPR-C Pipe

PPRC Pipes are a kind of plastic pipe. It is manufactured using PP (Polypropylene) and is therefore known as PPR-C (Polypropylene Random Copolymer). These kinds of pipes are preferred for household piping systems and have replaced GI Pipes to a great extent and are easily available to be installed for such purposes.

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of PPR-C Pipe

Advantage And Disadvantage Of PPR-C Pipe

Using PPRC Pipes have a lot of Pros and Cons depending upon the area where it is going to be installed.

Some of those have been listed below:

  • Flexible &Unbreakable: PPRC Pipes are flexible yet strong but unbreakable as they are made from modern plastic known as PP.
  • Rust Free: Due to their plastic nature PPRC Pipes are Rust and corrosion-free and are suitable for fluid transmission.
  • Long Service: PPRC Pipes can give a long service of 50 to 60 years in ideal conditions of homes and hotels.
  • Temperature Resistant: PPRC Pipes are temperature Resistant i.e. they do not absorb the temperature of the surroundings and therefore do not make the water too cold in winters and too hot in summers.
  • Cost-Effective: As PPRC Pipes are manufactured using plastic therefore Prices of PPRC Pipes are very low as compared to its substitution, GI Pipes.
  • Non-Toxic: PPRC Pipes are made from materials that do not react with water like metal Pipes (GI and MS Pipes), therefore PPRC Pipes are more suitable for potable water and thus are widely been purchase for different areas like houses, hotels, and hospitals.
  • Easy Installation: PPRC Pipes can be installed anywhere. If two lengths of PPRC Pipes or fittings are to be connected then plumbers would just heat up ends of both the parts and they are good to go.
  • Outdoor Use: As these pipes are made up of plastic, therefore, PPRC Pipes are not suitable for use where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Due to its plastic content, PPRC Pipes are not resistant to Ultra Violet Rays and will have a reduced lifetime in such conditions.
  • Limited Fittings: PPRC Pipes currently do not offer a vast variety of fittings and valves as metal piping systems do offer.
  • Temperature: Although PPRC Pipes are temperature resistant under normal temperature due to their plastic nature PPRC Pipes are not suitable for such a system where the fluid of very high temperature (around 60◦C or above) is needed to have flowed. Otherwise, the shape of the pipe will be deformed.

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