Advantage And Disadvantage Of MS Pipes

MS or Mild Steel or Black Pipe are made up of low carbon steel. Having low carbon content MS Pipes are less hard and are easily useable and thus being used in a lot of industries. A lot of these industries prefer to buy MS Pipes from Super Heera Traders. MS pipes are available in two main types i.e. Welded (C/W) and Seamless (S/L).

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of MS Pipes

Advantage And Disadvantage Of MS Pipes

Depending on these two main types MS Pipes have a number of advantages and disadvantages such as:

  • Ductile: MS Pipes are easily bendable to any shape and can be used for fabrication purposes. In comparison with other steel pipes, Mild Steel Pipes are easier to form into different shapes.
  • Cost-efficient: Mild steel pipes can be produced with a lot less cost than other steel pipes such as GI Pipes. The reason for this less cost on production is its low carbon content whereas other Steel Pipes have higher carbon content, therefore, costing more on production.
  • High Pressure: Seamless MS Pipes are made by forming the steel sheet into a round shape known as ‘billet’ and then is heated and rolled until it gets the dimension of the required pipe. Such Pipes cost higher but are stronger and can bear very high pressure of fluid and gas and thus being used by a lot of industries.
  • Reusability: MS Pipes can be used again as scrap. Then the scrap can be treated with different methods to derive pure steel from it and therefore reducing the cost and effort of mining the steel.
  • Welding: MS Pipes can be welded easily with other carbon steel Pipes and products due to their carbon content.
  • Fire Fighting: MS Pipes are the number one choice to be used by firefighting companies to install firefighting systems.
  • Rust and Corrosion: MS Pipes are more likely to get rust and corrosion than other Pipes such as GI Pipes. That is why a protective layer is needed on the outer surface of MS Pipes to reduce the chances of pipes getting rust and corrosion.
  • Maintenance: Due to higher chances to catch rust and corrosion MS Pipes are needed to be changed more often, thus the places where MS Pipes are being used are needed to have more maintenance costs.
  • React with water: Mild steel Pipes react with water and make it toxic for human health and thus cannot be used for drinking water supply piping.
  • Tensile Strength: Due to low carbon Mild Steel Pipes are less hard and have low tensile strength i.e. they can be easily broken under low stress.

MS Pipes are less costly and more efficient in a number of ways and can be used in different areas such as industrial usage and can be bought easily anywhere in Pakistan.

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